Welcome to Sister Dorothy’s website. Who exactly is Sister Dorothy??

Well, for starters, she’s not a nun.

She’s a singing songwriting multi-instrumental Renaissance musician and video artist. She lives in Winnipeg, Canada, and is passionate about touring her talents and musical teachings all over the world. She plays live music for all occasions.

Why the name Sister Dorothy? She gets asked this question all the time, and attributes it to her Mennonite upbringing. While growing up, she was taught to treat all people like sisters and brothers. Today, she continues to live what she learned.

Sister Dorothy’s performances are suitable for all ages, all venues, and all occasions. She is equally at home on the concert stage, at a festival, in a coffee house, at school, or corporate gathering. High energy combined with thrift shop chic make her live performances uniquely entertaining, and her live person unforgettable.

She is passionate about using music as a teaching tool, and conducts music workshops for students across Manitoba, teaches private lessons, and develops and delivers customized music courses.